Try YEZ Wallet and earn 50 YEZ

You may watch step by step Wallet instructions guide at
1. Go to
2. Register yourself by clicking on Login with Google or Login with Facebook (recommended and no typing required).
3. Update passphrase as needed and secure your Private Key by sending email to yourself or download the key file or print it out.
4. Click on "Receive" and copy Public Address.
5. Join and post a screenshot of your Wallet.
6. Submit your Wallet address to claim YEZ at 

Already tried YEZ Wallet and want to earn up to 250 YEZ?
Aside from 50 YEZ for the wallet, you can earn 150 YEZ for KYC and another 50 YEZ from social media sharing
Required documents for registration:  
 1. Government issued photo ID  
 2. Passport or driver's license (if neither is available, use utility bill)  
 3. Take a selfie while holding your ID  

 Required tasks:  
 1. Join our telegram group (
 2. Register  YEZ wallet    (create free at and provide YEZ wallet public address. This is where YEZ will be sent to.
 3. Like, follow our and share and #YezcoinAirdropKYC250  . Then, post a screenshot in 
 4. Like, follow our and share and #YezcoinAirdropKYC250  . Then, post a screenshot in 
 5. Like, subscribe to  and share with  #YezcoinAirdropKYC250  ( please post a screenshot in our  telegram  )
 7. Complete the KYC & AML registration ( and post a screenshot of KYC submission email in
 8. Register yourself at to claim YEZ.

Already earned 250 YEZ and want more?
Already completed Airdrop? Try our Referral Program. Share what you love about our project to friends.You can earn additional 10 YEZ for every friend who completed the Airdrop program. Share  and please make sure they enter your email as inviting email so that you can get referral bonus.    

Airdrop for Verified Members Only

Shop For YEZ  - Submit receipts from local businesses and earn 5% in YEZ  More details at

#GoGreenWithYezcoin - Submit your photo and your ideas how to preserve the earth and earn 10 YEZ tokenssubmit them to

Spend YEZ - Use YEZ to shop products or book services with our partner stores to get discounts and also earn YEZ tokens reward. Check out - Be the first to try our new app and earn 100 YEZ by doing:
- Post a screenshot of the new wallet   
- Post your wallet address   
- Post feedback of sending 1 YEZ to at least 2 friends in "Friends" section