Minimum Viable Products(MVP)

1. YezWallet    [ Web]   [Android]
Cryptocurrency Wallet that offers simplicity and usability for everyday people.

2. Yezcoin Ethereum Scam Address Detector (
Google Chrome Extension that alert you if the Ethereum addresses are matched with reported ETH scammer addresses.

3. KYC & AML Blockchain (
Users' provided information are verified and stored on the secure blockchain. Only users have access their sensitive information via private key and they have full controls of what and whom to share for financial rewards.

4. Spend YEZ Network (
Yezcoin network where YEZ holders can spend YEZ at our partner stores or receive discounts. In addition, users will receive YEZ tokens as a rewards if purchase by national currency.

5. KYC & AML verification tool (internal tool)
Yezcoin utilizes the tool to verify whether entities or individuals are on International Sanctioned List. This list contains 3800+ individuals and 3000+ entities.

6. Global mobile number verification (internal tool)
Yezcoin utilizes the tool to verify any mobile phone globally.