Shop For YEZ

 Shop Local Businesses and Earn YEZ

To participate, you must be a verified Yezcoin member. To become a verified member, complete and earn up to 250 YEZ ~$ 50 USD (See details in This program is offered for a limited time only. The official launch date of this program is September 1, 2019.

Participation Rules
1. Each verified Yezcoin member can earn up to 5% of your total receipt of your purchase at your favorite local merchants (restaurants,  bakery, gas stations, gyms & spas, hotels, salons and nails, groceries, dry cleaners, doctor's office, hotels) .
2. Earning will be converted to USD then YEZ at $ 0.2 USD per 1 YEZ.
3. Each verified Yezcoin member can earn up to the maximum of 200 YEZ.
4. Each verified Yezcoin member can only submit a merchant once. Repeating merchants will not be counted.
5. Provided email must match with the registered email of a verified YEZ member.

Steps to submit
1. Fill out
2. Email your receipts to
3. Alert admin in with [your email] +  "ShopForYEZ submitted" + [type of store (optional)].